I’ll Try to Keep This Short

I know I’ve got an old laptop I should be doing fun things with, but man… the last couple of weeks have been too surreal to focus on much beyond professional and personal survival. I don’t have the energy to write a whole lot but feel guilty if I don’t, so let’s put some pixels to page.

Work is just… a whole ‘nother level right now. The threat of coronavirus and the effort to stymie its spread are an unprecedented disruption to business operations and everyday life. We’re handling it. We’re doing everything we can to maintain the highest levels of service possible, but it hasn’t been easy. And it never feels like it’s enough. The folks on my team have been champions throughout. I’m proud of them.

Home is a place I know I don’t see enough of. I usually get home sometime after 6:00, after which time it’s just a blur of dinner and bedtime for the kiddo. And that’s if I make it home in time for the latter. A lot of the time, I’m getting home just as he goes down and it feels positively shitty every time. I miss him all day and then only get to see the outline of his head in the pitch dark of the nursery.

Probably not going to be leaving the house much in the next few weeks. Hopefully it’s only for that long. I hope this whole thing is over before May and life can go back to mostly normal. I hope it doesn’t hurt anybody I know and that all of this preparation and preoccupation are for nothing.

I hope Animal Crossing: New Horizons is worth a shit.

It’s gonna be a much longer month if not.


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