Too Busy to be Stir Crazy

Another very strange week in the books as we edge closer to officially confining people to their homes. The messaging seems to be headed in that direction, anyway. For all the “young and invincible” and “Coronavirus is a liberal hoax” crowd, the ones who are actively making the situation worse, I think a lockdown is necessary. I went to Meijer a couple of days ago. Wore a mask, felt like an idiot, but the place was packed. People close together, some clearly sick, employees included. Honestly, the longer I was there, the madder it made me. Groups of college kids shopping for booze, whole families doing their grocery shopping together, everyone taking their time. A whole lot of people not taking this as seriously as they should, and I’d argue that’s the much bigger threat than the small handful of folk panicking over it. I like to think there’s a middle place where most people land. I think that’s where I’m at, and I think it’s just not that damned difficult to defer selfishness and intentional ignorance (I think that’s called stupidity) to a more reasonable time.

I read yesterday that the Attorney General wants the power to suspend habeas corpus during the current emergency, effectively allowing for the indefinite detention of anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the criminal justice system right now (or for the next XX months). Must be because of all the physical, on-site labor that’s necessary to keep court proceedings going. I don’t like to ascribe malice where there’s any better explanation at the ready, but I’m just not seeing it if it’s there. How in God’s name is that anything but an affront to everything that guy is supposed to stand for? One could ask the same about most of the things he’s done in that role, though. At this point, why bother? Christ, I’m sick of politics. And none of this should be political, not one bit, but here we are.

Alright. Enough of that.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around how busy work was this week. For the most part, being awake was synonymous with working. It’s really easy to tell folks to be intentional about their personal time, to tell them it’s time to be done working when 5:00 hits. That’s not reality. Reality is that we’re in an unprecedented situation with previously unimagined demand on technology and those who provide and support it. The adaptations we’re making to keep things running don’t stop at 5:00, demand for my team doesn’t stop at 5:00, requests for immediate-need information and collaboration don’t stop at 5:00… you get the idea. If I tell someone to kindly wait until tomorrow, they’ll just move forward without the requested input and cause twice the work for us when we have to clean it up post-implementation. We’ll get our new normal established in the next couple of weeks here, and I’m looking forward to it… we’re just not there yet.

When work does normalize, I’ve got no shortage of things I want to work on at home. I’ve finally got everything I need for my Win98 laptop build, I’ve got a bunch of lumber in the garage for a toy chest I want to build for Thomas… aaaaand the basement needs to be organized and cleaned, shelves need to be built, the siding needs to be power-washed, I’ve got to put summer tires back on the G8… it’s weird, but I’m really looking forward to when I have time to work on the house again. Life is just a blur of MSU and baby right now.

With a tiny, tiny amount of Animal Crossing thrown in. Usually very late at night.

It’s pretty great, y’all. Just, y’know… buy it digitally.


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